Boom Beach Hack is your ultimate cheat tool to generate unlimited free GOLDs, WOODs and GEMS

The resources you need to lead your way to victory in this epic battle strategic game Boom Beach. Absolutely safe and super easy to use, it also works well for iOS and Android Devices.

About Boom Beach Game

Before going to this Boom Beach Cheats, let’s talk about this amazing game. Boom Beach is another modern combat strategy game developed by Supercell. If you are a player who loves to plan, build and go into battle. Then, I recommend you check this game out as it comes with top notch visuals as well.

Your goal in this game is to build your base on a tropical archipelago and plan to make your way to victory as you fight into the battlegrounds. Train your troops, build and upgrade your buildings for defense and do not be defeated.

The Importance of GOLD, WOOD and GEMS

Golds, Woods and Gems are the important resources/currencies you need to play and win in Boom Beach game. GOLD is generally use for offense – training troops to start attacks and winning battles in combat mode.

  1. WOODS is generally used for building defense at your base – building and upgrading constructions so there is no chance to be defeated if your base is attacked by the enemy.
  2. GEMS or Diamonds are bonus currencies in Boom Beach. Gems or Diamonds remain to be the most advantageous resources because it is not necessary to be used for any aspect of the game but Gems can certainly be used to improve your Boom Beach base, making it faster and stronger when it comes to defense.
  3. GOLDS can also be used to speed up almost action in the game but, it is also difficult and time consuming to earn. Though, it can be purchased by real money, not anyone can afford it. And who wants to spend real money if you can just use some free resources to help you? And no charges at all!

So, here is the Boom Beach Hack ultimate cheat tool to help you generate unlimited free resources to win against other Boom Beach players. Check the step-by-step tutorial below to learn how you can get GOLDS, WOODs and GEMS for free using this online Boom Beach Cheats.

5 Easy Steps on How to Get GOLD, WOOD and GEMS using this Online Boom Beach Hack Tool

Follow these steps to get your unlimited free resources. Please remember to be not abusive while using this Boom Beach Generator. Just think of a normal amount that is required to level-up your game while requesting. However, if you really need to, this tool can be used however many times you want.

  • Step 1: Click this link

This is the only site that provides you with a genuine boom beach hack.  You can get your Gold, Wood and Gems for free and it will just take you less than five minutes to finish it.

  • Step 2: Once you are on the site, you will see the Boom Beach Generator Box.

You just have to enter your Gmail Account if you are playing on an Android Device or your Apple ID if you are playing on an iOS Device. Then, click on Continue.

  • Step 3: In the boxes, you just have to put your desired amount of GOLD, WOOD and GEMS to be generated for your Boom Beach Account.

Let’s say you want to have 100,000 Golds – Type 100000. You want to have 100,000 Woods – Type 100000. You want to have 5,000 Gems – Type 5000. Then, click on Initialize Hack. Wait for a few minutes to let the Boom Beach Hack Tool generate your desired amount of resources.

  • Step 4: The server would need to verify your identity. You need to click “Next” to verify that you are not a robot.

It will take you to Human Verification Page that says: You must provide verification of your account in order to get the resources/currencies! COMPLETE AN OFFER TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY. Don’t worry. This part would be really easy. Just click, VERIFY NOW.

  • Step 5: It will ask a request for a PIN/CODE that will be sent to your mobile phone. Just click on any of the boxes, it doesn’t matter which one.

Then, it will take you to a page that will request for your mobile/phone number and your mobile company. Just answer it correctly then hit SUBMIT. Please wait patiently because it can take about 2-3 minutes to receive your PIN/Code in your mobile number. Remember, don’t close the page.

When you receive the PIN/Code, put it in the box and click, SUBMIT. After that it will tell you that you have successfully verified your identity and redirect you to Boom Beach Generator that says:

“The code you provided is valid. Congratulations! You have successfully verified your identity. Proceed checking your account. Thanks for using our Online Generator!”

That’s it! You can now check your Boom Beach Account and now you must successfully see your UPDATED Resources and receive all the resources you’ve requested.


It is very easy and most importantly you don’t need to spend any real money to buy these resources because it is absolutely free! Also, this Boom Beach Hack Tool is online so you don’t have to download any software and avoid risks from viruses to enter your computer.

Just follow these 5 Easy Steps and that’s it! You will have the unlimited Boom Beach resources using this online hack tool. Who wants to play and loose? Remember, you play because you want to enjoy, win and have fun! So, don’t stress yourself out if you are out of resources.

Just use our free Online Boom Beach Hack Ultimate Cheat Tool and play your way to victory. Defeat your enemies in the battlegrounds and improve your base to dominate in Boom Beach. Plus, you can also send resources to any of your friends as gifts. You only need their Gmail address or Apple ID.

Don’t waste your time and let the adventure begin! Boom Beach!